Todiramphus ruficollaris
Mangaia Kingfisher Tanga‘eo MG
Todiramphus ruficollaris
Mangaia Kingfisher Tanga‘eo MG
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Cook Islands Status Summary

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    Intl. NamesMangaia KingfisherEN   Cook Islands KingfisherEN   MangaialiestDE
    Local NamesTanga‘eoMG    
    Pacific NamesNo Content
    Sci. NamesTodiramphus ruficollaris (accepted name) , Halcyon mangaia [if Halcyon ruficollaris was already used. It was not.], Halcyon ruficollaris [original name], Halcyon tuta ruficollaris, Todirhamphus ruficollaris [misspelt, Lesson 1828 had Todiramphus], Todirhamphus tuta ruficollaris [if it were a subspecies of Chattering Kingfisher]
    High Tax. Eng.Vertebrate, Bird
    High Tax. Latink.ANIMALIA, p.CHORDATA, c.AVES, o.Coraciiformes, f.ALCEDINIDAE
    Natl. PresenceSthPNth-Oceanic-Present
    Sth. PresenceRR-MG++AT-MK-MT-AK-PL-MN-TK-
    Nth. PresenceTN-MH-RK-PK-NS-SW-
    VouchersNo Content
    OriginNative; Resident; Endemic of Cook Is [Endemic of 1 island]
    Global RangeNative: Cooks (Mangaia); 
    HabitatLand; Lowlands, Coastal, Makatea, Horticultural Zone; Uplands [Forests - Barringtonia, makatea and inland lowlands]
    ThreatenedGlobally endangered - moderately; REDLIST [Vulnerable D1+2, 2001]
    InvasivenessNo Content
    BiosecurityNo Content
    Medical StatusNo Content
    Harmful StatusNo Content
    UsesNo Content
    Key FeaturesA small bird to 22cm. Bill long stout and black; legs short and dark grey; tail narrow and dark blue. Body blue to blue-green above interrupted by a wide dull yellowish-orange collar and a narrow dull yellowish-orange head-band above the eye leaving more...a large blue-green cap; white below. Legs dark. VOICE: a characteristic two-note "tanga-eeeoo", repeated 3-5 times in succession, a pair sometimes call alternately. Also represented as "ki-wow".

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    speciesid 8511
    Adult pair, and adult with skink
    speciesid 8511
    Two adults

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McCormack, Gerald (2009-2017) Cook Islands Biodiversity & Ethnobiology Database, Version 2017.1. Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, Rarotonga. Online at http://cookislands.pacificbiodiversity.net
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speciesid 8511

Adult pair, and adult with skink - Cook Islands, Mangaia - Gerald McCormack

speciesid 8511

Two adults - Cook Islands, Mangaia - Gerald McCormack

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speciesid 8511
Todiramphus ruficollaris
Mangaia Kingfisher
Tanga‘eo MG

5BD084_Halc-rufi_CK-MG_GMcCormack-mix1_TXa.jpg// 5BD084_Halc-rufi_CK-MG_GMcCormack-mix1_MXa.jpg// {Todiramphus ruficollaris} // Mangaia Kingfisher// Tanga‘eo ^^MG¬¬// ALCEDINIDAE//